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Arrival of the New Ambassador of Cabo Verde H.E. Carlos Wahnon Veiga

The Embassy has the pleasure to inform that the newly appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cabo Verde to the United States of America, His Excellency Dr. Carlos Wahnon Veiga and his spouse Mrs. Maria Epifânea Almeida will arrive in Washington DC on November 17, 2016.

A Embaixada de Cabo Verde em Washington, D.C., apresenta os seus cumprimentos à Comunidade e tem o prazer de informar que o novo Embaixador Extraordinário e Plenipotenciário da República de Cabo Verde para os Estados Unidos da América, Sua Excelência Dr. Carlos Wahnon Veiga, e sua esposa, Sra. Maria Epifânea Almeida, chegarão a Washington D.C. no dia 17 de Novembro de 2016.

Ambassador Rocha's Speaking Notes at the Farewell Ceremony at State Department

Speaking Notes for the Farewell Ceremony

at the end of Ambassador Jose Luis Rocha's tour of duty in Washington DC

November 2016

Ladies and gentlemen

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come here to say farewell to me and my spouse, at this ceremony organized by the Office of Protocol on behalf of the State Department and the US Government.

While observing the Protocol, I would like to acknowledge the presence, in particular, of

Mr. Peter Barlerin, Deputy Assistant Secretary

Mr. Ambassador Peter Selfridge, Chief of Protocol and members of his team

Colleagues Ambassadors and representatives of the Diplomatic Corp in WDC

Colleagues from CV Embassy

Dear Guests and Friends

My dear wife Yamile and I are indeed honored with your presence here and we wanted on our name and on behalf of the Government of Cabo Verde to thank you sincerely.

We diplomats are kind of nomads in this job, we build bridges between states, nations, institutions and people. For this reason, we arrive, we stay and we leave.

When we arrive, we are happy to be welcomed by the Protocol, received by the President to present our credentials and integrated into the Diplomatic Corps resident family and to the authorities with whom we relate.

During our stay we have the arduous task of breaking rocks and building such bridges in bilateral and multilateral relations, but we also have more mild and pleasant tasks, those leading us to discover the attractions of the capital city, traveling the country, making friends in several circles of interest, and exchanging ideas with people of different backgrounds, making us richer as professionals and as people.

When the time of departure comes and even if we have a sense of our professional duty fulfilled, we feel the weight of saying goodbye to personal and cultural experiences and to friends we leave behind. We comfort ourselves with the use of commonplace that says what a diplomat's life is all about.

As a diplomat accredited to the United States, the State Department is our home, our direct and permanent counterpart in the exercise of our professional duty, by reason of its mandate, beyond intense exchange with others, in my case, with the Special Advisors for Africa at the White house, other Departments, Agencies and Think Thanks.

The State Department has given me moments of high political and diplomatic communications and conferences on the most important issues of security, trade, oceans, climate change, democracy and human rights and I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the most senior leaders of the house, starting with Secretary Kerry.

I praise, in particular, the attention I received from the Bureau of African Affairs, namely from Assistant Secretary for Africa Mrs. Linda Thomas Greenfield, Principal Deputy Mr. Bruce Wharton, Deputy of ASA for West Africa Mr. Peter Barlerin, Director of the Office of West African Affairs Mr David Reimer, Deputy Director West Africa Affairs Ms. Vernelle Trim, Cape Verde DESK Mr. Jason Hugues, US Ambassador to Cape Verde Donald Heflin, and many more and all those that preceded these functions.

The Chief of Protocol and his wonderful team deserve a special applause. In them I found humanized relations, competent professionals and available, youthful and active people. Thank you Ambassador Peter Selfridge for making the Protocol Office, more than a system of diplomatic procedures and rules of precedence, indeed a true institute which promotes integration and participation of resident diplomat in the US political, economic and cultural life with lectures on the State of the Administration, recreational activities such as the recent Diplomacy by Design, the travels on Experiencing America, thematic receptions for Halloween, Thanks Giving, Christmas and many others.

I come from a country which a poet described as ten little grains of land scattered in the sea, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in reference to the ten small islands that forms the archipelago of Cabo Verde.

The sea provided the early contact between the islands and the US through whale fishing, with the fishermen recruited later settling in New England, a story told and illustrated in the New Bedford Whale Museum.

It was the beginning of an important Caboverdean migration to the US and the background for the fundamental human dimension in the history of the solid relations between the two countries, fortunately strengthened over time.

The US recognized the Independence of Cabo Verde, immediately after the celebration of the latter in 1975 and I personally have the honor of having been an almost permanent interlocutor in the relationship between our two countries since the decade of 80.

The US earlier assisted Cabo Verde through USAID development programs and afterward with two MCC compacts that certainly supported Cabo Verde on its graduation to MIC in 2008.

During my tenure as Ambassador in Washington DC I tried to pin point some directions for improving our relations, such as security and defense, economic growth and development and the empowerment of Caboverdean emigrant communities.

From an economic perspective I defended the competitive approach for the trade and investment relations in the framework of AGOA and other instruments.  The export of ethnic products, light industries, renewable energy, fisheries, tourism and other services offer huge opportunities for an incremental in our economic ties.

But, regarding the fact that Cabo Verde as SIDS still faces vulnerabilities, I defended a cooperative way to support building resiliencies in areas of capacity building (Trade), social (Education and Health) environmental (Climatic change) and Blue economy (health and economy of the sea)

We resumed bilateral consultations in November 2015 and all of these matters were part of the agenda. Since then the Embassy has sought to implement some of the guidelines resulting from the consultations. Now it will be a task whose follow- up I leave to my successor, M. Carlos Veiga, a prominent lawyer and former Prime Minister.

Our arrival in Washington it has been a rediscover of the city in its contemporary day to day business, but closely linked to its historic route, patrimonial and cultural heritage, since its establishment on the banks of the Potomac, to its role of political capital and headquarters of the main institutions of the executive, legislative and judicial and also, among others, the Breton Woods institutions, making it the target of one of the biggest diplomatic bodies in the world.

Serving a small country in a big country with US characteristics, brought me to face " a one thousand doors city" where sometimes I felt the need to reach out to a one stop shop.

I experienced great political and diplomatic moments in Washington DC in the last two and half years, wishing to highlight, in particular,  the US – Africa Summit, the normalization of US – Cuba diplomatic relations and the intense presidential electoral campaign which comes to its outcome next November 8.

A special word of thanks to the diplomats and officials of the Embassy who gave me their dedication and friendship, as a major contribution to achieving the objectives and results of my mission

A word of thanks to my wife Yami. Better than I could do, she represented Cabo Verde and well in various social diplomacy's circles such as the THIS for Diplomats, the Welcome to Washington, The African Ambassadors Spouses Association and many others. Born in Cuba, she has always stated her pride in representing her adopted country: Cabo Verde.

As I come to the end of my time as Ambassador in Washington, the Government of Cabo Verde has appointed me to the position of Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York.

More than a simple drive with the duration of three hours, it will be a transition between an intensely bilateral to an intensely multilateral function.

A transition at a time of transition for the world and for the United Nations, as characterized by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on October 24th on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the organization.

Let’s hope that it will be a transition for an even better World.

In concluding let me express, on behalf of my wife and on my behalf, our appreciation again, for your presence, your patience in listening to me and for all the support and care you always gave to us.

Thank you very much

Press Statement from Secretary of State John Kerry on the Occasion of Cabo Verde's 41st Anniversary of Independence

U.S. Department of State

On the Occasion of Cabo Verde's National Day

Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State

Washington, DC

July 5, 20

On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I congratulate the people of Cabo Verde as you celebrate the 41st year of your country’s independence on July 5.

The friendship between Cabo Verde and the United States is rooted in the many interests and values our countries share.  We look forward to continuing to build on our partnership in strengthening democratic institutions, expanding inclusive economic growth, confronting climate change, and making our communities healthier and safer.

Nearly half a million people of Cabo Verdean descent live in the United States, many of them in my home state of Massachusetts.  They contribute importantly to America’s progress, and still maintain close links to their ancestral home.  In addition, more and more U.S., citizens are discovering your country each year--a testament to Cabo Verde’s unique beauty and distinctive culture.

Best wishes for a festive celebration and a peaceful and prosperous year to come.

Comunicado do Ministerio da Saude e da Seguranca Social

Comunicado nº 2/2016 
Na sequência da informação veiculada num dos jornais nacionais online, Ocean Press, que toma como fonte o jornal Sun, sobre um eventual surto de febre tifoide extremamente mortal e muito resistente às vacinas em Cabo Verde, o Ministério da Saúde e da Segurança Social vem por esta via desmentir veementemente essa notícia.
O país faz uma vigilância epidemiológica contínua, desde há muitos anos, das doenças diarreicas em geral e da febre tifoide em particular, e ao serviço de vigilância epidemiologia do MSSS não foi notificado até a data de hoje 21 de Outubro, nenhum caso suspeito de febre tifoide.  
Cabo Verde é um país credível, que cumpre o Regulamento Sanitário Internacional (RSI), reconhecimento pelas instâncias internacionais, nomeadamente pela OMS e reafirmamos a nossa determinação no cumprimento rigoroso do RSI e as normas de vigilância epidemiológica e de resposta.
Tendo em consideração o impacto que notícias infundadas e de teor alarmante poderão ter sobre o turismo um setor crucial da nossa economia, apelamos a comunicação social nacional e internacional o tratamento adequado das notícias, através da confirmação por fontes com responsabilidade na matéria, antes da sua divulgação. 

Courtesy Translation

In the wake of the recent news reported by Cabo Verde's national online newspaper the Ocean Press and the Sun newspaper regarding an outbreak of typhoid fever which is extremely deadly and resistant to vaccines, the Ministry of Health and Social Services hereby vehemently denies these reports.

For many years the country has been making ongoing monitoring of diseases, in particular of  typhoid fever, and as of October 21, 2016 no cases of typhoid fever have been reported to the Ministry of Health's epidemiological services.

Cabo Verde is a credible country which complies with the rules of the International Sanitary Regulations and the World Health Organization and we reaffirm our determination to strictly comply with the requirements of the International Sanitary Regulation and its norms regarding epidemiological monitoring and response.

Taking into account the negative impact unfunded and alarming reports like these could have on tourism, a crucial  sector of our economy, we urge the national and international press that such news are confirmed beforehand with entities responsible for these matters, before news dissemination.


Mensagem do Embaixador por Ocasiao do 41 Aniversario da Independencia Nacional




 5 de Julho de 2016

Caras caboverdianas, Caros caboverdianos

2015, foi o ano do 40º aniversário da Independencia nacional, um momento de grande celebração em todo o Cabo Verde, das ilhas, como da diáspora. Foi, igualmente, ocasião para refectirmos sobre o caminho percorrido e os desafios que temos para frente.

2016, marca o 41º aniversário e o primeiro ano da nova jornada pós-40 de Cabo Verde. Temos um ano replecto de eleicoes, legislativas no passado 20 de Março e as locais como as presidenciais a 4 de Setembro e 2 de Outubro respectivamente.

Tambem, como ja foi anunciado, o Sr. Presidente da República, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca estará na Nova Inglaterra de 7 a 11 de Julho em curso, acompanhado do Ministro dos Negocios Estrangeiros, Dr. Luis Filipe Tavares. Estarei presente para receber e acompanhar os ilustres visitantes e terei a oportunidade de cumprimentar muitos de vós.

A Embaixada de Cabo Verde continua atenta ao cumprimento de uma das suas importantes missoes. Contribuir para o empoderamento da diáspora, quer na sua vida quotidiana nos EUA quer para o reforço da sua participacao no desenvolvimento de Cabo Verde. A contribuição de cada um para realizar esses dois objectivos foi e continuara a ser muito importante.

Termino desejando um Feliz 41º aniversario a Todas e a Todos, votos que, associando-me à Comunidade, estendo aos EUA, que comemoram um dia antes, a 4 de Julho, os seus 240 anos de país independente.

Jose Luis Rocha

Dear Cabo Verdeans,

In  2015 we commemorated  the  40th anniversary of our national Independence, a time of great celebration in Cabo Verde as well as in the Diaspora communities. It was also a time to reflect on the path we have already  travelled and the challenges  still ahead.

The year 2016 marks the 41st anniversary, and for Cabo Verde it marks the first year of the new journey after 40. We have a year full of elections. The parliamentary elections took place on March 20th and the local as well as the presidential elections will take place on September 4th and October 2 respectively.

Also, as we have already announced, the President of Cabo Verde, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca will be in New England from July 7-11, and he will be accompanied by the new Minister of Foreign Affairs , Dr. Luis Filipe Tavares. I will be there welcoming our distinguished guests and their delegation and will have the opportunity to meet and greet many of you.

The Embassy of Cabo Verde continues to be attentive in fulfilling one of its important mission which is to contribute to the empowerment of the Diaspora community in both its daily life in the United States and in strengthening its participation in the development of Cabo Verde.  The contribution of each and everyone of you to achieve these two objectives is also important.

I finish by wishing all of you a happy 41st anniversary and also wish the United States happy independence day as they celebrate 240 years of Independence on July 4th.


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