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Ambassador Rocha's Address on the Ocassion of the Inauguration of TACV Flight https://suaralama.info/ tour banyuwangi nusa penida tour bromo ijen tour loker situbondo
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Ambassador Rocha's Address on the Ocassion of the Inauguration of TACV Flight


Warwick, Rhode Island, June 2, 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening!

It is an honor and, indeed, a real  pleasure being here, in the capacity of Ambassador of Cabo Verde to the United States in response to the invitation made to me by Green Airport and TACV –Cabo Verde Airlines - to attend this first inaugural flight between Cabo Verde and Rhode Island.

One of the tasks of an Ambassador is to promote his country in general and in the context of economic diplomacy, to promote the country as the origin and destination of Business be it in trade or investment, and to create both legal and operational conditions for win-win partnerships in these fields.

So, I extend my thanks, as well as my best wishes for the success and the progress of this new partnership which now begins.


I would, however, before further due, observe the Protocol.

First, to recognize and to greet the Rhode Island authorities welcoming us here today

• Governor Gina Raimondo 

• Presidente and CEO of RI Airport Corporation Kelly Fredericks

• Chairman of RI Airport Corporation Board of Directors, Jonathan Savage 

Secondly, to salute and to welcome authorities from Cabo Verde who traveled for this occasion

• Minister of Communities, Ms. Fernanda Fernandes, in representation of the Government

• Director General of Tourism Emanuel Almeida

• TACV CEO, Commercial Director and Staff and 

TAVC Representative in RI, Alexandre Furtado 

Finally I would like to greet and wish a pleasant and useful journey to all those present, americans and caboverdean - americans.  In particular, I would like to highlight the honorable presence of the US Ambassador to Cabo Verde and my friend Donald Heflin, and not least my friend Pedro Graciano Carvalho, Consul General of Cabo Verde in Boston.


 Rhode Island and Cape Verde

Ladies and Gentlemen

We are in Green Airport, located in the Ocean State of Rhode Island, to welcome an inaugural flight from the ocean state of Cabo Verde – with verde in its name meaning precisely green - 

With this wordplay I wanted mainly to emphasize the similarities, namely the features and interests that both, country and state, have in common.

They are both of small dimensions, geographically and demographically. Rhode Island is about 3140 square kilometers compared to 4033 square kilometers for Cabo Verde. The population of Rhode Island is still equivalent of that of Cabo Verde, the Diaspora of the latter included. 

If the state of Rhode Island is characterized by having various sea fronts, Cape Verde as an archipelago of 10 islands within a wide EEZ of about 800,000 square kilometers, has the sea as its most important territory.

As Rhode Island, the presence and tradition of the sea influences Cabo Verde's  economy. Cape Verde is strongly committed in developing its blue economy, in activities that go from port management and transshipment to fisheries, oceanic research, the sciences of the sea and water or nautical sports.

But also in other Clusters of the Transformational agenda in Cabo Verde as the air business, tourism and other businesses based on trade and investment, which are sectors that could contribute to the development of partnerships between RI and Cabo Verde. 

Rhode Island is also one of the American states that welcomed a significant number of Caboverdeans, since the beginning of their emigration to the United States in the eighteenth century. Caboverdeans are present in all urban communities in Rhode Island and are one of the most representative ethnic groups, due to their strong presence, integration and intellectual and labor force. They constitute a real bridge that cements and reinforces each day the relations between Cabo Verde and the United States and Rhode Island in particular.

Inauguration of Flight

TACV, which already has a long tradition of connecting by air Cabo Verde and the United States decided to start operating, with this first flight, based upon the facilities of the Green Airport.

This decision was welcomed by all of Rhode Island officials, who saw it as an expansion of international services at the airport as a new gateway in its region, and for the benefit not only of Cape Verde but also the population of New England in general.

The coming of TACV on scheduled flights, bi or tri weekly, represent an opportunity for more Businesses for operators and more jobs in the region.

 I believe and I hope, however, that the existence of regular flights will likely stimulate tourism and the development of other Businesses mutually benefiting Cabo Verde and the State of Rhode Island.

Hence, and for all the above reasons, the relations between Cape Verde and Rhode Island have the potential to go further in the development of economic partnerships and co-operation.

The Business by way of trade, direct investment and tourism and relations in the fields of education, health and inter-cities cooperation have every reason to ultimately make it a reality.

Within the framework of economic diplomacy the Embassy, with the support of the Consulate General, has been working on agendas for this purpose.

TACV flights landing at Green Airport on a regular schedule may well help the take off of business in between Cabo Verde and Rhode Island. As far as I' m concerned and as an observer from the departure gate LET ME CONCLUDE BY WISHING YOU a Good Flight.

Thank you all !!!

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